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*March 2002-- Once Upon a Time in Mexico

*2002-- Nailed Right In

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DECEMBER 14 -- While filming the movie From Hell in England last year, Johnny Depp became such a fan of the BBC comedy series Brilliant! that he asked to appear on the show. He does so on the season premiere, carried on BBC America at 8:00 Saturday night.
In a sketch featuring regular cast members Paul Whitehouse and Mark Williams, Depp portrays an American movie star visiting the Suit You shop, where he is measured by suit salesmen Ken and Kenneth while being pestered with questions about his sex life.
In a BBC press release, Depp is quoted as saying, "I got off a plane, sweating like some kind of hideous swine, and grabbed all my luggage and [raced] over to the BBC and went straight to the stage, not knowing the lines really well. With these guys, there's no way to be funny around them, so you just shut up and nod your head."

DECEMBER -- Johnny is in a bunch of magazines this month: Starburst, Shivers (on cover), and he's on the cover of the January issue of Dreamwatch.

NOVEMBER 14 -- DEPP DEBT- Johnny Depp has been meaning to get something off his chest for a long time. He couldn't make it to the Cinemateque tribute to his pal Nicolas Cage in person, so he sent a tape with a long overdo confession. Depp recalled how he was flat broke before he hit it big with 21 Jump Street, and buddy Nic let him stay in his apartment. One day Depp was so hungry, he rifled through Nic's drawers and found a few Mexican pesos left over from a trip. He traded them for dollars and bought some fast food. But he never told Nic. Now that he's fessed up, his conscience is finally clear.

OCTOBER 21 -- From Hell made $11.3 million in it's opening weekend!! :)

OCTOBER 19--- **From Hell is out in theatres!! Go see it!! =)**

OCTOBER 18---Depp Ripped Into Lore For Hell-- Johnny Depp, who stars in the upcoming film From Hell, said that he's always been fascinated by the mysteries surrounding the case of Jack the Ripper. "I sort of stumbled on a broadcast of a documentary when I was a little kid," said Depp in an interview while promoting the film. "From there I sponged up as much information on the case as I could."
From Hell offers a possible solution to the identity of Jack the Ripper, who was responsible for the brutal deaths of five prostitutes in Victorian London. Depp plays Inspector Fred Abberline, a clairvoyant police detective assigned to investigate the case. After eagerly taking on the role, Depp read as much as he could about the Ripper and even traveled to London, where he did some investigating of his own.
"Before we started shooting the film, I wandered in the real Whitechapel with one of the great Ripperologists. [We] went to the Ten Bells and went to the sites of the killings," he said. Depp explains that his fascination with the case stems from an historical perspective. "It's the first type of serial killer we ever had. I mean, nothing like that had ever happened before on such a grand scale before the world's eyes." Depp added, "I think primarily the most fascinating thing is that it's unsolved. And it seems pretty guaranteed that it will always be unsolved."
So does the amateur Ripper scholar agree with the conclusion proposed in the film? "It's definitely one I would consider, " Depp acknowledged. "I mean, I would say it's one of the top three or four theories. That certainly makes a lot of sense. It's very possible."

OCTOBER--- Johnny is in a bunch of magazines this month: Premiere, Details, US Weekly, Entertainment Weekly, People. So, go check them all out!! :)

SEPTEMBER 19--- Depp Frantic in France-- Johnny Depp may never come home from France. His prime source for news about the terrorist crisis here seems to be heaven help him gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Depp, who portrayed the substance-abusing, pistol-packing writer in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," called Thompson on Sunday to see what he knew about terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden. I'm terrified of him," Thompson recalls Depp saying. "All of France is terrified. [After the attacks] I freaked out and rushed to the airport, but when I got there my flight was canceled. All flights to the U.S. were canceled. People went crazy with fear." "Join the club," Thompson, writing in his column, says he told the actor. "Almost everybody went crazy over here." According to Thompson, Depp, who has shown sensitivity toward everybody from Native Americans to Gypsies, then brusquely said: "Never mind that. Who won the Jets-Colts game?" Thompson told him that pro sports, as well as the stock market, were on hold. "Ye gods," Thompson says the expat star exclaimed. "This is serious."

**September 11 -- Blow is out on video &
DVD today!!! :)**

AUGUST 30--- Venice Film Fest Opens-- From Hell, Training Day Among World Premieres

Maybe that punt and jab is a foreshadowing of what promises to be an interesting showcase of world cinema through Sept. 8. Among the stars expected to attend the world premieres of their films are Johnny Depp and Heather Graham for From Hell, a Jack the Ripper drama; Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke for Training Day; and David Mamet, Gene Hackman, and Danny DeVito for Heist.

AUGUST 16--- Ewan McGregor has been voted Britain's coolest man. Ewan came in at the top of a poll by Esquire to find Britain's answer to Johnny Depp - who was voted America's trendiest man. Second in the list is Victoria Beckham's soccer star husband David, followed by Jude Law. Also in the top ten is British director Sam Mendes, of American Beauty fame.

AUGUST 7--- **Chocolat is out on video & DVD today!!! =)**

AUGUST 2--- Tara Reid has dismissed any hopes of getting back together with her former fiancee Carson Daly. The American Pie babe is philosophical about her recent split from MTV host Daly, insisting the relationship is history. She says, "I gotta admit that it's over for good. That book is closed forever. When it's not right, it's just not right." And she's already got some ideas about who she'd like to replace him as her boyfriend - when asked to reveal the identity of her dream man she says, "Johnny Depp. He's so hot. I've had the biggest crush on him forever."

AUGUST 1--- Nicolas Cage is set to star as the lead in the live action adaptation of the Ghost Rider comic book - but not before he ousted Johnny Depp from taking the role. Producer Steven Paul says that when Cage heard that Depp would be the likely candidate for the part, he phoned the director, insisting that he was the biggest Ghost Rider fan in the world - and even owned five Ghost Rider motorcycles. He is also reported to have declared, "I am the Ghost Rider!" Ghost Rider is a drama about a motorcycle stunt man who sells his soul to a dark force to save his girlfriend - but when tragedy befalls her, takes out his wrath on the bad guys. Filming is expected to begin in November.

JULY 31--- Hollywood has defended the casting of Johnny Depp as romantic English poet Lord Byron in a new film. British actor Jude Law turned down the role of the man who kept a bear as a pet at university and slept with his half-sister. Producer Billy Clark has said that only Depp was good enough to take on the complex part. The film Byron is likely to also star controversial actress Angelina Jolie as Byron's sister-lover. It won't be the first time an American has played the English poet. Richard Chamberlain played him in the 1972 movie Lady Caroline Lamb.

JULY 17--- Johnny Depp and Jennifer Love Hewitt are teaming up for the re-make of the 1940s comedy It Started With Eve. The $40 million flick is based around a son - played by Depp - who gets a girl to pose as his fiancee to please his dying father. But his plans are turned upside down when his father makes an unexpected recovery. Movie legend Albert Finney is being sought to play Depp's screen dad. The film is due to go into production in the fall.

JUNE 9---**Today is Johnny's 38th Birthday!!** Happy Birthday!!! :) :)

JUNE 2--- Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage gave Johnny Depp his first break. EDWARD SCISSORHANDS (1990 star Johnny admits he was going nowhere, filling in countless job applications and was about to be evicted from his apartment when Cage suggested he should meet his agent. The agent sent him to read for a part in Wes Craven's Nightmare On Elm Street, A (1984) and the rest is history. Depp says, "Yes, this is all Nic's fault. Nic's fault and Wes Craven's fault."

MAY 24--- Drug trafficker GEORGE JUNG wouldn't let Johnny Depp portray him in new film Blow (2001) - until his fellow prison inmates approved. Jung was approached by Blow director Ted Demme about Depp, but the legendary criminal had never even heard of the Edward Scissorhands (1990) actor. The next day, Jung called Demme to say, "So, this Depp guy - the boys say he's ok. " Johnny recalls, "Yeah, I was happy with that. It's nice to know I'm liked in prison.

MAY 19--- Hollywood heart-throb Johnny Depp is campaigning for the release of drugs baron GEORGE JUNG - after playing him in new movie Blow (2001). The Chocolat (2000) star visited the notorious drug dealer, that supplied 85 percent of the cocaine in America during the seventies and eighties, in prison while researching his role. Johnny says, "I will be there for him when he does come out. I'm not sure prison rehabilitated him but he is rehabilitated. And he deserves to be freed. Other people got caught in the same bust got two or three years." Jung is serving a 21-year jail term and isn't expected to be released until 2014, however Johnny is hoping he can turn things around. "I believe George has paid his dept to society and now it would be nice to get him out of prison so he can try and pay his debt to his family. He can't do it when he's bound and gagged." In his bid for Jung's freedom, hunky Johnny has visited Jung estranged daughter KRISTINA in an attempt to reconcile father and child. "George wants to see her real bad. I met her, she's a great girl and they deserve to be together. "We're going to talk to the FBI FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION. We're still checking it out.

MAY 16--- Movie hunk Johnny Depp has no interest in marriage -he can show a woman he loves her without walking down the aisle. The Sleepy Hollow (1999) actor admits he was put off the idea of holy matrimony by his failed marriage to make-up artist LORI ANNE ALLISON and his engagement break-ups with actresses Winona Ryder, Sherilyn Fenn and Jennifer Grey. He says, "Marriage often turns out to be everything but love. A lot of my contemporaries get married at the drop of the hat, but I take it more seriously." Johnny is currently enjoying a blissful relationship with French singer Vanessa Paradis, and the couple have a daughter, LILY-ROSE. He adds, "But don't assume that not marrying her means I don't love her. I love Vanessa."

MAY 14--- Dashing Hollywood star Johnny Depp is making an assault on the pop world - penning tracks for girlfriend Vanessa Paradis' new album. The Ed Wood (1994) heart-throb has written two songs for JOE LE TAXI singer Paradis' new release -one about their daughter, LILY-ROSE. Depp also bonded with the musical Gypsies who co-starred with him in the affecting new movie, Man Who Cried, The (2000). Director Sally Potter says the actor is "so immersed in Gypsy history. They hung out in his trailer all the time.

"Confessions" collapses--With only four weeks to go before photography was to begin, The Hollywood Reporter reports that the Bryan Singer film "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" has been callef off. The eventual film would have starred George Clooney and Johnny Depp. The paper cites budget reasons behind the dismissal of the project. The story is a fictional account of "Gong Show" host Barris who leads a double life as a CIA assassin. The script was adapted by Charlie Kaufman ("Being John Malkovich") from Barris' own 1984 book, "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind: An Unauthorized Autobiography". Depp was set to play Barris, with Clooney taking the role of CIA recruiting agent Jim Byrd.

****Johnny is on the cover of the March issue of Movieline!!!! So make sure u go and get it!!!****

* reports that Johnny Depp followed the footsteps of Jack the Ripper round the East End but not one fan spotted him. Depp was researching new film From Hell, in which he plays a drug-addicted police inspector trying to catch the Ripper. He spent two hours wandering around London's darkened alleys without a bodyguard before having a pint in one of the Ripper victim's locals. His guide, former policeman Donald Rumbelow, said: "No one recognised him. A few people gave us a second look but probably assumed he was a lookalike." Mr Rumbelow added: "He's one of the best-informed people I've guided. He's intelligent, easy to get on with, genuinely nice."

*Chocolat has been nominated for the 2001 Golden Globes for:
Best Picture (Musical/Comedy), Best Actress (Musical/Comedy)(Binoche), Best Supporting Actress (Dench), Best Score.

*Johnny has signed on to play in a movie based on the life of playwright Christopher Marlowe

*The filming will begin in March 2001 in London and Italy and it will be released in spring 2002.

*Johnny Depp and Jude Law have agreed to star in Marlowe, a $22 million film that will start shooting in London and Italy in March.

*Depp will play Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe, who runs afoul of the queen, as well as a jealous male admirer who ultimately hands Marlowe's unpublished work to William Shakespeare (Law), an unsuccessful scribe who then pilfers Marlowe's writings.

Video/DVD release dates

*The Man Who Cried-- November 13