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MAY 19/02 Depp and Hartnett to Act Together
Johnny Depp has signed up to star in another adaptation of a Hunter S. Thompson story. The actor, who played the gonzo journalist in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" will team up with Josh Hartnett in "The Rum Diary." The famous journalist Hunter S. Thompson wrote "The Rum Diary" in 1959 about an aimlessly carousing newspapermen in Puerto Rico

MAY 14/02 From Hell is out today on video & DVD!! i got mine already!! and i LOVE it!! So, make sure you go out and buy it! This movie is awesome!! :)

APRIL 17/02 -- It's a boy!!!
Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have had a second child. The baby boy, named Jack, was born on April 9th, in the Paris suburb of Neuilly, according to her agent. The couple had their first child, Lily-Rose Melody Depp, in 1999.

MARCH 19/02 -- Depp Plans The Brave Release At Last
Johnny Depp is releasing his directorial debut in America because he's sick of hearing about fans watching it on bootleg DVDs.The movie star filmed The Brave in 1997 with pal Marlon Brando, but decided not to release the film immediately in North America.
Depp hoped time away from the project would give it fresh perspective and he'd be able to return to it and add extra footage before releasing it in his homeland. He says, "I went into the cutting room and started messing around with it after I heard people were buying these bootleg DVDs on the Internet. I think I'll have to do another version now just to keep it interesting. It's a film that's pretty close to my heart. I want to put it in the right theatres."

MARCH 19/02 -- Johnny Depp to play Peter Pan creator
Johnny Depp is to play JM Barrie in a new film about the creator of Peter Pan. Neverland will be made in London this summer. It is the true story of how Barrie wrote his tale during the 1800s in England. He bonded with four fatherless children who lived next door to him. The film is being directed by Marc Foster who made the forthcoming Monster's Ball. Disney's animated Peter Pan sequel Return To Never Land is released in the UK on Friday, and a live action Peter Pan is also due to begin filming later this year.

MARCH 5/02 -- Leonardo DiCaprio's fan club may be disappointed to learn that he's not all that different from the guys they know in high school, after all. According to Johnny Depp, who co-starred with the teen idol in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," DiCaprio is a mama's boy. "He kept asking me for cigarettes," and then would look over his shoulder to see if his mother was looking, Depp said. Depp was at The New School last week, where he cheerfully submitted to James Lipton's questions for an upcoming segment of Bravo's "Inside the Actors Studio." Depp regaled the audience with personal revelations (the locations and meanings of his seven tattoos) and professional anecdotes (it was difficult keeping a straight face while filming "Don Juan de Marco," because "everything that comes out of Marlon Brando's mouth is hilarious").

FEBRUARY 14/02 -- Depp & Williams in Good Omens?
Gilliam wants to reunite with his Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas star Depp and his Fisher King star Williams in Good Omens which is adapted from the Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman novel. Good Omens is a comedy fantasy about the end of the world. The plot centers on an angel and a demon who are sent together on a mission to track down the Antichrist, who has been lost somewhere on Earth. Gilliam has written a screenplay from the novel and plans to begin shooting Good Omens later this year.

FEBRUARY 8/02 -- H'wood Goes to War
If you don't like crusty Donald Rumsfeld running America's military, consider a Defense Department run by Johnny Depp. The "Fear and Loathing" star has pitched an alternate plan for conquering the Taliban. He thinks we should have tried saturating "Afghanistan with liquid LSD [to get] everybody goofed out of their minds. Then they should have sent in the military dressed as Teletubbies. They would have cleared it right out. Bin Laden would have been in 8-inch high heels singing, 'These Boots Were Made for Walking.'"
Sounds like Depp should either be committed or get working with Mel Brooks on a sequel to "The Producers." Then again, Depp may be giddy because he's just learned he'll be a father again. He and actress Vanessa Paradis are expecting their second child in June.

FEBRUARY 5/02 -- Depp And Paradis Expecting Again
American actor Johnny Depp and French star Vanessa Paradis are expecting their second child. The couple, who already have a daughter, Lily Rose, 2, will welcome a new member of their family into the world this Summer. News that sexy singer and actress Paradis is expecting again surfaced after she pulled out of playing a prostitute in Anne Fontaine's new film Nathalie Ribout, which is due to shoot this Summer. Depp has also stated, "I haven't any film projects until after this summer. I chose to relax and to take care of Vanessa and my daughter Lily Rose."

JANUARY 29/02 -- The biggest of BBC Radio 3's World Music Awards have been presented, with Hollywood star Johnny Depp flying in for the occasion.
Senegal's Baaba Maal and fusion band the Afro Celt Sound System won the critics' and listener categories. The successful musicians were presented their awards after they took to the stage in London for an evening that was part concert and part prize-giving ceremony.
Depp flew in from Paris to present Romanian gypsy group Taraf de Haidouks with the prize for top European act. Depp worked with the band in his film The Man Who Couldn't Cry. (supposed to be "The Man who Cried")

JANUARY 22/02 -- Depp, Del Toro Go 'Inside the Actors Studio'
Billy Bob Thornton, Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro are among those scheduled to sit in the hot seat in midseason for Bravo's "Inside the Actors Studio."
The four-year-old series begins production on a new season starting Monday, Jan. 28, with guest Thornton. In the following weeks, actors Dennis Quaid, Depp, Hugh Grant, Richard Gere and Del Toro will join host James Lipton and students of Manhattan's New School University as they are grilled about their craft.
"The growing number and diversity of artists who are lining up to be guests of 'Inside The Actors Studio' is testimony to James Lipton's reputation as a host," says Frances Berwick, Bravo's senior vice president of programming.